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NACSSA Conservancy Conference & AGM
Umgeni Valley - Howick August 2010

Presentations and feedback from the Provinces

Agenda (2285KB)

Mike Ward Chief Operating Officer WESSA (3929KB)

Faan Coetzee Rhino Security Group EWT (7094KB)

Chairmans Report (6215KB)

Northwest (9599KB)

Ethekwini Conservancies (1265KB)

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NACSSA Awards 2010

The NACSSA award is given to Non members of NACSSA who have promoted Community Conservation and helped NACSSA to achieve our goals


Di Dold

For 35 years of dedication to protect the natural environment of KwaZulu-Natal and the country's coastline.  Di was an outstanding ambassador for the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa embracing all the principles of People Caring for the Earth.  The KwaZulu-Natal conservancies appreciated her support with conservation issues at local level

Di Dold 
Jean Lindsay Malcolm Stainbank and Di Dold


Lynne Thompson

For her passionate, dedicated and tireless campaign against invasive alien species in KwaZulu-Natal.  We appreciate and recognize her efforts to save the biodiversity of KwaZulu-Natal by designing and promoting an effective education and awareness campaign.

Lynne Thompson 
Alison Young, Lynne Thompson, Jean Lindsay and Malcolm Stainbank



The NACSSA Chairman’s Award is given to members of NACSSA who have shown outstanding commitment and service to NACSSA

Andrew Barker

For ongoing commitment to furthering the goals of the National Association of Conservancies / Stewardship of SA by: Leading the process of establishing a Strategic Plan Promoting the Conservancy culture through the various forms of media especially radio

Andrew Barker 
Andrew Barker and NACSA Chairman John Wesson


Pauline Stacey

In recognition and appreciation of her tireless efforts to establish conservancies in the Limpopo area and as thanks for her continued support of NACSSA.

Kathy Oliver 
Kathy Oliver receiving the award on her behalf from NACSSA Chairman John Wesson


Aardvark Provincial Award 2010

Award for best Performing Province

Sculpture by artist Steven Rici

This kind of initiative has an important impact as an incentive to the provincial civil society groups facilitating and leveraging land owner investment into biodiversity conservation. Each and every Province has done outstanding work to promote community conservation in South Africa, leading to more focus on biodiversity.

John Wesson Chairman of NACSSA handed the awards to the winning provinces at the NACSSA AGM held in August 2010 in Howick

Gold: Kwa Zulu Natal Conservancy Association

Trafford Peterson, Jean Lindsey, John Wesson, Malcolm Stainbank and Alison


Silver: Gauteng Conservancy & Stewardship Association


Andrew barker, Ivan parkes, John Wesson and Kathy Oliver


Bronze: North West Conservancy Association


Pierre Weinberg, Ian and Johan Wesson













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