National Conservancy Conferences & Awards


NACSSA Conservancy Conference & AGM
Fouriesburg August 2012

Presentations and feedback from the Provinces

Program (492 KB)

Introduction to the OFS region by Duart Hugo (8.143 kB)

Guest Speaker Rodney Wainright Clarens Conservancy (21.226 kB)

NACSSA and IUCN Conference (86 kB)

Conservation in Crisis (14.902 kB)

KlipSA (3.371 kB)

Ethekwini Urban Conservancies Report (1.219 kB)

Gauteng Conservancy and Stewardship Association (10.423 kB)

KwaZulu Natal Conservancy Association (2.374 kB)

Northwest Conservancy and Stewardship Association (4,427 kB)

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The At Kruger Nguni Award

Previous Chairman Honoured

At Kruger 2003 - 2004

Hilton Butler 2005

Anthony Duigan 2006 - 2008

John Wesson 2008 - Present

Trafford Petterson handing award to John Wesson 2012


NACSSA Awards 2012

The NACSSA award is given to Non members of NACSSA who have promoted Community Conservation and helped NACSSA to achieve our goals


Dr Richard Lewis

This certificate recognises Richard Lewis for is ongoing commitment and dedication to the Conservation of our Biodiversity and Landscapes in South Africa through his many years of serving as Vice Chairman and now Chairman of the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa to which NACSSA is affiliated.


Reg Humphrey handing the award to Dr Richard Lewis


The NACSSA Chairman’s Award is given to members of NACSSA who have shown outstanding commitment and service to NACSSA


Joy Waugh

For her dedication and commitment to NACSSA.  Joy has data based over 2,000 books and various other publications in our library.  Joy is always available to help in the office with any task.  She is an absolute gem and a pleasure to have in our office

Joy Waugh

NACSSA Chairman John Wesson handing the award to Joy Waugh


Ivan Parkes

For his dedication and ongoing commitment to Conservancies.  In 2003 Ivan created the Gauteng Conservancy and Stewardship Association (GCSA) which would in the space of a few years draw together hundreds of people across South Africa who were fighting a lonely battle to conserve and protect the environment where they lived.  The GCA grew into the National Association of Conservancies / Stewardship of South Africa (NACSSA), involving conservancies in all nine provinces.


Ivan Parkes receives his award from NACSSA Chairman John Wesson


Aardvark Provincial 2012

Award for Best Performing Province

Sculpture by artist Steven Rici

This kind of initiative has an important impact as an incentive to the provincial civil society groups facilitating and leveraging land owner investment into biodiversity conservation. Each and every Province has done outstanding work to promote community conservation in South Africa, leading to more focus on biodiversity.

John Wesson Chairman of NACSSA handed the awards to the winning provinces at the NACSSA AGM held in August 2012 at Fouriesberg

Gold: North West Conservancy and Stewardship Association

Silver: KwaZulu Natal Conservancy Association

Bronze: Gauteng Conservancy and Stewardship Association


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