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National Conservancy Conferences & Awards


Tenth NACSSA Conference & AGM
Culinan September 2013


NACSSA and GCSA Celebrate 10 Years of Saving our Precious Biodiversity



Please be aware that some of these files take a long time to download.  They are in PDF format 2013

Conference Invitation

Conference Program




Here is a complete list of all the uploaded videos for the10th Anniversary Conference of the Gauteng and National Conservancy & Stewardship Associations.

Welcome to Cullinan Conservancy - Joan Louise du Toit

Intro to Northwest and Gauteng - Reg Humphreys

KZN Urban Conservancies - Jean Lindsay

Regional Associations and Officials feedback - Andrew Barker

Conservation at Work - Anne du Plessis

10 Years of NACSSA - John Wesson

Report on IUCN - Trafford Petterson

Biological Control of Declared Weeds - Hildegard Klein

Environmental Programmes - Kay Montgomery

Study of Puff Adder Population in the Dinokeng area - Dr Xavier Glaudas

Conservancies in Namibia - John Ledger

Conservation the Cullinan Way - Joan Louise du Toit

Lisedi Secondary School Conservancy - Ephenia Pale

Blesbokspruit Boy Scout Conservancy - Basil Chaza

St Dunstan's Conservancy - Dave Smith

Use of Effective Micro Organisms to clean our Waterways - Rod Genricks

Drumblade Conservancy - Elaine Potgieter

Close and Summing up - Trafford Petterson


Provincial Feedback


Photo Gallery

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NACSSA Awards 2013

The NACSSA award is given to Non members of NACSSA who have promoted Community Conservation and helped NACSSA to achieve our goals


No award was made this year


The NACSSA Chairman’s Award is given to members of NACSSA who have shown outstanding commitment and service to NACSSA


Cheryl Dehning

For her dedication and ongoing commitment to Conservancies. Cheryl was a founding member of the Gauteng Conservancy & Stewardship Association and one of the main organisers of our conferences and events.

Cheryl Dehnning

Cheryl receiving her award from NACSSA Chairman John Wesson


The Hardekool Award is awarded to a NACSSA member who has shown lifelong dedication to conservancies and conservation in South Africa


Jean Lindsey

In recognition of her lifelong contribution to the KwaZulu Natal Conservancy Association and her ongoing commitment to Conservancies in South Africa. Jean was founding member of the National Association of Conservancies / Stewardship South Africa in 2003.



Joan du Toit receiving the award on her behalf from NACSSA Chairman John Wesson


Aardvark Provincial 2013

Award for best Performing Province

Sculpture by artist Steven Rici

This kind of initiative has an important impact as an incentive to the provincial civil society groups facilitating and leveraging land owner investment into biodiversity conservation. Each and every Province has done outstanding work to promote community conservation in South Africa, leading to more focus on biodiversity.

John Wesson Chairman of NACSSA handed the awards to the winning provinces at the NACSSA & GCSA AGM held in September 2013 at Cullinan

Gold: Western Cape - Conservation at Work












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