Limpopo Conservancy Association

Limpopo Conservancy Association

The Limpopo Provincial Conservancy Association was established in March 2004.  At that stage there were 17 conservancies distributed throughout the province.

To find out more about the work we are doing in this province, or about joining a conservancy in your area or even starting a conservancy please  contact Pauline Stacey

The new Environmental Management Act of the Limpopo Province has been a major step forward in the protection of the environment, including severe penalties for offences committed. The Act also addresses the establishment of conservancies. ‘Conservancies’ are referred to in the definition as “Protected Resource Use Areas”, thereby giving a conservancy legal protection.

Recently, the Provincial departments were restructured, thereby placing the division of Environmental Affairs in a new department. They are no longer associated with the Department of Finance but are now part of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs. This reshuffle has led to the establishment of a new component to deal with the legislation pertaining to Protected Areas, which includes conservancies. In the near future they will start a process to establish regulations and guidelines in the establishment and management of ‘Protected Areas’ and conservancies will be included in this process.

Waterberg Conservancy and Waterberg Development:
The establishment and development of the Waterberg Nature Conservancy, based upon the KZN conservancy concept, in the face of disinterest and often hostility from local landowners was nonetheless successful and presently has more than 150,000 ha under protection.  More than 1 000 people are employed and it plays a major role in the region’s development. This conservancy became the platform whereby the Waterberg Biosphere concept was developed and launched, culminating in UNESCO’s recognition of this biosphere, one of 400 throughout the world.
NACSA is presently advising the members of the Limpopo Association on developments in that province E.g. Thaba Meetse and Thaba Lesodi a huge new golf estate.

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