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Our Patrons

    • Are champions for the Conservancy movement
    • Promote conservancies when the opportunity arises
    • Are invited to attend our AGM or other key meetings
    • Are invited to participate in strategic planning and discussions
    • Are kept updated with info and newsletters from NACSSA




Clive Walker

Clive & Anton Walker

Clive is an author, artist, conservationist and a wilderness pilgrim.  He is the founder of the Endangered Wildlife Trust in 1973 which celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year.  Clive was the Chairman and first Director for 13 years.  He was the founder of the Waterberg Nature Conservancy in 1989 and the Lapalala Wilderness School in 1985. He was the school’s chairman for 18 years and remains a patron till today.

He was the co-founder and first Chair of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. Present role. Our museum are stake holders.  He is presently developing the Waterberg Living Museum with his son, Anton.  The museum will comprise of a library, archives, art gallery, botanical garden, museum exhibits and a living component.

Clive is the co-author, with his son Anton, of ‘Rhino Keepers’. 2012.  ‘Baobab Trails’, autobiography due mid September 2013, which will be published by Jacana Media.


Cobus du Plessis

Clive & Anton Walker

Cobus du Plessis is executive chairman and founder of APBCO as well as Legacy Underwriting Managers.

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak.  Sometime during your life you will have been all four."


Richard Lewis

Dr Richard Lewis

Richard is the CEO of Richard Lewis, Smith & Associates, a firm specializing in strategic planning, human resources, and leadership development. Richard completed his BA, LLB degrees at the University of Natal where after he became an advisor with the Natal Chamber of Industries for two years. He then went to live in Germany to lecture and whilst there, completed an MBA degree and a Doctorate in Law.

He is a Chartered Member of the SA Board of Personnel Practitioners, a member of the SA Society for Labour Law, and Chairperson of the Board of WESSA.

Richard is a non-executive Director on the Board of 6 companies, and chairs the Executive Committees of two further companies and consults to several others both listed and non-listed.

Richard joined the Board of WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of SA) over 11 years ago, was vice chair for 4 and has been Chairman for the past 4 years. Richard believes that it is a God given duty for man to be stewards of this ancient plant called Earth and as such sees the time he spends as a volunteer heading up WESSA as a spiritual calling.


Tim Neary

Tim Neary

Tim grew up in a small historical coastal village, Schoenmaakerskop in the Eastern Cape Province South Africa. He always had one foot in the Indian Ocean (the front garden) and one foot in the Driftsands Reserve (the back garden). He barely remembers his formative school years as he was present there in body only as the mind was already exploring the afternoon excursions into the rock pools or watching some critter in the reserve…….always noting the findings in his journal and hence “the Nature Journal” was born.

Tim qualified as an artisan on heavy construction equipment and after many years in senior management positions, left formal employment to join his wife who is a professional gardener. Soon he found himself following a passion for the natural world and is yet to again get a real job!

In 1991 Tim entered the world of radio by accident on Radio 702 and this grew into a passion and today he still broadcasts conservation and environmental programs on Radio 702, Cape Talk and Radio Today.

Tim also has a love for storytelling about the natural world and today has interests in writing and videography for a variety of productions and he consults on community outreach as well as conservation and research projects within the field of biodiversity.

His personal interests include photography, collecting books, old motorcycles, pottering in his workshop and exploring wilderness areas and projects and recording the traditional uses as well as myths and legends of the indigenous trees of Southern Africa.

If you want to know more……..pull up a chair and ask away over a tea, coffee or a glass of wine.

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